I have to write an essay on comparing and contrasting,Online classes to Traditional classes

To write my essay on this, I would say both online classes and traditional classes have there own merits and demerits. When we talk about adults attending college level classes can go on for online courses but when we talk about lower grades, means under class 10th they should go on for traditional classes.

With the rapid use of Internet, online classes has become very popular. Online classes are beneficial to the people who have full time job and thus are unable to match with the timings of the traditional classes. In this case they can undergo online course to complete their higher education with the benefit of their suitable timing convince. When we talk about the fee structure, the online classes are cheaper than attending normal schooling. There is saving in the cost of books too, as study material can be downloaded free of cost. While undergoing online course, students can complete their assignments when they are ready. As long as they complete the assignments required by the end of the semester, they will be fine. Students save time traveling to the school and colleges and are able to attend these classes from home. They need not to worry about bad weather or traffic.

Inspite of these benefits that we get from online classes, I still will say that there are some good and better reasons to go for traditional classes. When a student goes to a school, he learns how to interact with other people, this help them in their normal life too. Traditional classes even gives you a chance of face to face interaction. Attending such classes you come in contact of other students too. These students comes from several different states and countries to get education. This gives you a chance to know custom, tradition of other country too. The other important fact is that not every one has a computer or has access to the internet where they live. Traditional classroom instruction does not typically require that the learner have these things.

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