I need help to write my essay about school uniforms being worn in school

To write an essay on this topic, I am totally in favor of use of school uniform.

When we talk about the benefit of using school uniform at school , the benefits are numerous. The use of uniform at a school help reduce the cost of a growing child’s school wardrobe, the uniforms also assist with discipline and behavioral issues. Putting on the same uniform bring the feeling of equality, despite of belonging to a rich or poor family. It even prevents children following a particular fashion or trend at school so can concentrate better at studies. It also reduces the cost, spent by the parents. Having uniforms none of the kids would not be embarrassed or harassed because of their cloths. Uniform has practical benefits when students are outside the school building. Being readily identified with a particular institution may make students more aware of their behavior while traveling to and from the school, leading them to act more considerately, e.g. to other passengers on buses or trains.

Keeping these benefits in mind, President Bill Clinton had decided to implement school uniforms in all U.S. public schools in the 1990s. In the hope of easing social tensions, many local communities and states in the USA adopted school uniform policies in their educational institutions. The states of New York, California, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Utah, and Maryland all introduced school uniform regulations.

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