I need Jane Eyre essay prompts. Can you please help me?

If you need Jane Eyre essay prompts, I will provide some of what you need but make sure that you choose wisely and answer it perfectly. You should not just choose the first prompt you find especially if you do not know what information you need to include. Here are some of the prompts to choose from.

One of the Jane Eyre essay prompts you can use it to “explain the relevance of paranormal experiences. Tell what the characters learn from visions and dreams? How does the experience modify their understanding and how do supernatural elements communicate with novel’s realism?” In this prompt, you need to understand the novel completely so that you can answer the prompt effectively.

Another prompt to answer is that “discuss representations of various women in novel: Miss Temple, Mrs. Reed, Blanche Ingram, Celine Varens, Diana, Bertha Mason and Mary Rivers. Tell what does Jane learned when it comes to proper feminine behavior? Give which are negative and positive role models?

If you still do not want those prompts, you might want to answer this prompt: explore Jane’s ideas about religion. What does Jane learned about Christianity from Mr. Brocklehurst, St. John Rivers and Helen Burns? How their views contrast with Jane and what problems she sees in the values of those people? You can also opt to “discuss 2 scenes showing ambiguity of the social class of Jane. Provide her opinions about lower classes and upper classes. Tell also about that the author says about England social class system and does Bronte analyze it or support it?

If you badly in need of Jane Eyre essay prompts, some of the prompts are provided in this page but be sure that you completely understand the novel so that you can address what the prompt is asking.