I need to choose the topic and write my essay on journalism. Any ideas?

When I write my essay on journalism, I can open the essay by giving the definition of journalism. Journalism is the profession of gathering, editing and reporting news items for television, radio and print media.

When I write my essay, I can talk about the different types of journalism. Broadcast journalism involves news for radio and television. Sometimes, the internet is included in this category. Investigative journalism (or sometimes called watchdog journalism) has reporters investigate a particular topic of interest which usually involve crime, political corruption or corporate crimes. It should be noted that a report for investigative journalism can take months or even years to write. It is usually done with newspapers and freelance journalists. Citizen journalism involves the public helping in the gathering and spreading of news. It is different from community journalism because community journalism is practiced is practiced by professional journalists. Citizen journalism relies on the public for the information gathered. Photojournalism makes use of photographs to deliver a news story.

When I write my essay, I can also discuss the dangerous aspect of journalism. Every year, so many journalists die in the line of duty. Most of them are killed trying to cover events in real time such as wars while some are killed or tortured because they try to uncover the truth which they want exposed to the public. There are organizations which fight for journalist’s rights and the freedom of expression in general.

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When I write my essay, I can also talk about the careers one can take in journalism. One can be a reporter or a news writer, an editor (for print media), a columnist (for opinion journalism), or a photographer. The careers for journalism are wide and many. It is not limited to just working for a news program or a newspaper.