I need to write a persuasive essay on a movie I think my class should watch. Does anyone know a good movie? How to write such essay?

There are good movies out there you can choose for persuasive essay on a movie. One of the good movies to watch is Sicko. It is a fantastic documentary and spreading light on healthcare system in the world. It is a good view for individuals on both side of political spectrum if they are open minded. Another movie great to watch is History: Schindler’s List.

It portrays a reality of one of worst human atrocities, which is the Holocaust. It also portrays a message of hope because even though the humans face extreme barbarity, they still manage to exercise their free will wherein they choose to do good things despite of personal risk. You might also want to try O Brother Where Are Thou.

This movie is retelling of Homer’s Odyssey in 1930’s. It portrays the desire to return to his home for his wife after banished by fate to prison while confront with all kinds of monstrous character humans. The one who plays Odysseus is George Clooney and John Goodman as Cyclops. For science, you can try A Space Odyssey. It is a bout search for meaning as well as origins of Kubrick’s existence. The plot revolves around discovery of monolith on another planet and human mission sent to explore it. The movie is a suspense because there are scenes that you do not expect to happen.

Regardless, in writing such essay; you need to get the main idea of the movie. You need to have a thesis statement and to explain the

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