I need to write my essay about hippy

When I write my essay about the hippie subculture, I should start with the definition and the etymology of the term “hippie.” The hippie subculture started as a youth movement in the United States in the mid-60s and quickly spread around the world. The term “hippie” came from the word hipster and described beatniks who lived in Greenwich Village in New York City and the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. The words hip and hep are from Black culture and mean awareness. The phrase “I’m hip to the situation” was another way of saying “I’m aware of the situation.”

When I write my essay, I should also talk about the nature of a person who is considered to be a hippie. So to say, a “hippie” is a person who believed in the ideologies of the hippie subculture which really emerged during the 60s in North America. A hippie firmly believes in the values of peace and love being the most important factors needed for the world. They are often associated with pacifist or anti-government groups. The phrase “Make Love, Not War” came from the hippie movement. This lead to hippies being labeled as flower children.

For more background, I can mention some known figures associated with the hippie movement when I write my essay. In popular culture, some of the known musicians linked to hippies were Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Joan Baez. The rock musical, “Hair,” was a celebration of the hippie lifestyle made its debut on Broadway in 1968.

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I should also take note of the historical origins of the hippie movement when I write my essay. It began as early as the time of the Ancient Greeks. Hippie philosophy also takes some concepts from the religious and spiritual teachings of known spiritual figures such as Buddha and Gandhi. It also takes some learnings from known philosophers such as Henry David Thoreau and St. Francis of Assisi.

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