I need to write my essay about writing styles

When I write my essay on writing styles, I can begin with the importance of observing the rules and guidelines of writing styles. Writing style is a very important aspect of writing as it helps in making my work stand out from others. It also helps in making my essay an effective one. Even though there are rules to follow, writing style is flexible which can make my essay a unique one.

When I write my essay, I should list them down in a clear and coherent manner so I will not confuse my readers. I begin with syntax. Syntax is the most important because syntax is the way I will order my sentences. Syntax will also give my essay a backbone. Put simply, syntax follows the rules of language. It will also follow the creativity of the writer. This is followed by the sentence form. A sentence form will help in deciding the density or balance of the sentence. For example, I can add phrases like for instance, whereas and the like. It should be noted that once a form is started (i.e. using moreover), links between sentences should be kept so the reader will not be confused while reading the essay.

When I write my essay, I should not forget to discuss diction. Diction can be considered as the writer’s style. This should not be confused with pronunciation which is how a word is said. A writer can use different tones or diction in conveying his or her message to the readers. Some examples include the narrative tone and the descriptive tone. Using different tones, however, can confuse a reader so keep the ideas clear and coherent.

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The last writing style that I should note when I write my essay is punctuation. Punctuations are important because they give variation and meaning to a sentence. Using the wrong punctuation or placing it in the wrong part of the sentence can mix up the meaning of the entire sentence.

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