I need to write my essay on ‘ do the celebrities have a right to privacy?’

To write my essay on this topic, I need to know who are these celebrities. A celebrity is a person who holds a high degree of recognition in a society or culture. Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone who receives media attention and in certain circumstances displays an extroverted personality. Because of the recognition they hold, every one wants to know more about them. Movie stars, television actors, high-ranking politicians and businessmen are some of such celebrities.

Celebrities' privacy. Everyone need to have his own space!
Media help these celebrities to gain fame. Celebrities are portrayed as glowing examples of perfection, when they garner awards, or as decadent or immoral if they become associated with a scandal. When seen in a positive light, celebrities are frequently portrayed as possessing skills and abilities beyond average people; for example, celebrity actors are routinely celebrated for acquiring new skills necessary for filming a role within a very brief time, and to a level that amazes the professionals who train them. These fame or scandal help them to be more renowned amongst the common people.

Due to these reasons, the celebrity has no privacy. Either they go for a holiday or make a new friend, all the news are published. This means no personal life for them. The celebrities are also people like us who want to live their life with freedom. But each of their movement is made public, this can make them stressful and their private and family life is effected a lot. The court has also recognized for the first time in the year 2000, that celebrities have a right to privacy in the case of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. Now a days celebrities are using social networking sites too. This allow celebrities to communicate directly with their fans, removing the middle-man known as traditional media, who used to create bluff about these celebrities.

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