I need to write my essay on airline accidents. Any ideas?

Airline accidents is not a very pleasant topic to write an essay on, I must say. However, it is sometimes assigned to students, so there is no chance to avoid it. Being a student of physics faculty, I had to deal with this task myself and developed several approaches to writing airline accidents essays.

First of all,in case you your main subject is aviation, you may choose a particular airplane accident for your essay writing and describe the main reasons of this dreadful occurrence. In this case you will need to give general information in the introduction of your airline accident essay, then, in the main body you will need to sate the main reasons and analyze them (some faults in the construction of this model of the plane or, maybe, human factor). Drawing a conclusion of such essay, it is advisable to say what could have been done to prevent an accident and what is to be done in order not to let this happen again.

Another option is to concentrate on airport security in your essay. You may dwell on general rules of national and international airport security, stating the main methods and measures which are taken to prevent catastrophes. In addition, you may underline the importance of protecting civil aviation against terrorist attacks in your essay on airline accident. If I were to write my essay now, I would definitely concentrate on the US airport security after 9/11, because this subject is very acute and needs highlighting.

In any case, while writing your essay on airline accidents you should stay scientific and unprejudiced. Give proven facts only and base your conclusions on them. In addition, it is important to use proper parenthetical words and phrases in order to keep your essay coherent. Don’t forget to edit and proofread your essay before the final submission.
I am sure that if you stick to these instructions, an A for your essay on airline accidents is guaranteed!