I need to write my essay on personal construct theory of George Kelly. Please help!

George Kelly was an engineer who later became a clinical psychologist. Most of his works started in 1930 with the main axis being that ‘Man is a scientist’. We therefore continue to invent things, situations and scenarios. The gist of the personal contract theory according to Kelly is that life presents different experiences at every stage of one’s development; and which there will be formed a response or response mechanism. As one grows into an adult therefore, he shall have formed a personality influenced by the experiences one had while growing up.

George Kelly
He is the father of personal construct theory. Give a brief life history of the man who developed this good psychological way of people’s reactions to things. A brief correlation with other works like the Repertory Grid can be made.

The eleven corollaries
Kelly gave a total of eleven statements that clarifies the personal construct theory. A brief overview of these can be given in the assignment. They seek to further clarify the operation of the theory in people’s lives by presenting eleven different scenarios. These corollaries are the:
1. Sociality
2. Commonality
3. Organizational
4. Dichotomy
5. Range
6. Modulation
7. Construction
8. Experience
9. Individuality
10. Choice
11. Fragmentation

A summary can then be given of the constructs by categorizing them. There are those that are core to one’s being and therefore and thus resistant to change; while others are peripheral hence can be easily changed.
These constructs should then be categorized into pre-emptive,‘constellatory’ and propositional as given by Kelly.

Repertory Grid
An explanation of this should be given since it was developed to better understand people through interviews. With such an analysis, the essay should be good enough.

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