I need to write my essay on Teens and Exercise.

To write my essay on this topic, I need to have an idea on the benefits of exercise. Its quite alarming to see most of the teens fat and obese. What is the reason behind the kids being fat and obese? Any idea? I know it quite well. Its the television and internet which is making them to sit at one place and reducing any physical activity.

The American Heart Association has identified physical inactivity, the result of many health problems amongst the teenagers like Coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and Low HDL cholesterol. Exercise not only protects us from diseases but makes us look lean and muscular. Gym is a very good option for building our body and other physical activities. But this does not means this is the only way. We can choose our activity according to our likes, interest and comfort. Swimming, jogging, involving in different type of sports and aerobic will also help us to be fit. Its true that more exercise we do more energy and strength will develop later on, it will increase our stamina. Research proves that with 20 or more minutes of continuous slow running, our body releases powerful hormones (called endorphins) that start pumping through our bloodstream, producing a strong “runner’s high” that does wonders for our self-esteem.

Exercise also works as a stress reliever, so quite helpful as the teens nowadays are very easily undergoing depression.

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