I need to write my narrative essay about moving to a different state.

In writing narrative essay about moving to different state, it includes goodbyes to friends and what you feel. Saying goodbye to your home is a sad thing. Tell to readers what you do to make yourself better or what you say to feel better. What you can tell about moving to new house in state and saying hello to new home. Tell about people you meet at the first time and who can be your friends.

In writing, you need to start from the old state you came from. You need to tell a story about what you experienced in there and what you learned. There are still other information you can add like adventures you had done. In your new state, tell about what do you feel when you transfer and if there any people you meet or newly, tell a story if you become good friends or not.
Narrative essays are the easiest essay to write about because you are telling a story. You are opening up yourself and also your feelings. For instance, when my parents told me that we needed to move from New York, I was totally devastated. I lived in San Francisco for ten years all my life. All my friends and memory are here. My girlfriends and boyfriends are here.

I am really sad because what will I do without them. Maybe my parents are excited about it but I am not. In writing narrative essay about moving to different state, write how you’re looking forward to live in a new state, meeting new people and visiting new sites. I hope this information will help you in getting started writing narrative essay about moving to different state easily. Think carefully, make an outline and start to write.

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