I need your help with lord of the flies essay prompts

When you are looking for lord of the flies essay prompts, this article helps you in knowing some of the best prompts you can answer. Be sure you know how to deal with the questions so that you will not have a problem.
What Lord of the Flies mean in allegorical novel? What are its essential symbols? Lord of the Flies is allegorical novel because it contains objects and characters representing directly the book’s ideas and themes. The central point of the book is the conflict between impulse toward civilization as well as impulse toward savagery within every person. Every character of the book represents certain aspect or idea of spectrum between savagery and civilization.
Compare and contrast Simon and Ralph. Both of them seem to be good person. If there anything they differ? Both Simon and Ralph are motivated to be good throughout the book. Both of them work in establishing and maintaining harmony and order with the group. They are also protective and kind when it comes to their interactions. On the other hand, as the novel progresses, we get to know that the motivations of Simon and Ralph for doing good come from different sources. Ralph acts and behaves according to moral guidelines but his behavior was learned and not innate while Simon displays kindness and goodness that don’t to have been imposed or forced to him by the civilization.
How Jack use beast in controlling other boys? Jack expertise in using the beast allow him to manipulate other boys by making the beast as his common idol, tribe’s common enemy as well as common system of his beliefs. He invokes numerous and different aspects of the beast but it depend on the effects he wants to get.
These three lord of the flies essay prompts will help you to get started. Be sure you know how to answer each of them.

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