I would appreciate if you provide me with tips on how to write my persuasive essay. Thanks

A persuasive essay uses reason in demonstrating certain ideas and it is more valid compared to other academic writing. The purpose of the essay is to encourage readers to act in certain way or to accept a certain viewpoint. The essay should contain factual evidence and based on logic. One of the tips on how to write persuasive essay is to think about the issue of your topic. What side you will take and any resolution you can suggest. You also need to know your audience and to determine if they agree or not. You need to understand both sides of issues to have a successful essay.

The tips on how to write persuasive essay is to have a thorough research. In the essay, you need to provide compelling and detailed evidence. You need to disprove opposing argument and you can do this by taking library based research. You need also to think about the structure of your paper. Determine what evidence you want to include. Always remember that it must be logical. You should also support your argument.

It is better to use hard facts and try to gather based on your research, personal experiences and observations. You need to be careful on this. Make sure that you do not commit plagiarism. In citing sources, you need to cite it correctly. One of the tips on how to write persuasive essay is to use verifiable statistics. You need to back up your arguments with data. To strengthen your arguments, try using direct quotes from experts. Providing meaningful examples is necessary in clearly illustrating and enhancing your arguments. Do not forget that when you are done in writing your paper, you must edit and proofread it. Try to look for mistakes and get rid of it.

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