I would like to write my essay on animal rights. Can you help?

Animal rights is a very controversial topic. The discussion about this subject is being broached rather frequently and there are always two main points of view on this matter. Some people claim that animals are inferior creatures which have no rights and that people can do whatever they want about them : haunt for fun, use animals for drug testing,etc. However, another, more humanistic opinion is becoming more and more widely spread. According to it, animals are considered to be living beings, lives of which are valued same as those of human beings and the rights of which are to be defended. – This may do for an introductory part of your essay on animal rights.

Next, If I wrote my essay on animal rights, I would pick an opinion to develop further in my paper. Obviously, I would choose the second one as I am not a sadist (neither are you, I hope:). Thus, in the main body of my essay I would firstly write about the moral aspect of the question. I would say that though people need to kill animals in order to survive( to get meat or clothes), it is completely immoral to kill animals just for fun while hunting. As a supporting argument in my essay I would give the number of animals which are killed each year due to men’s desire to kill.

Going further, I would state my opinion about drug and cosmetic testing on animals. In this paragraph of my essay I would say that while drug testing may be sometimes reasonable and even necessary ( when testing drugs for AIDS, for instance), testing hairspray or body cream on poor dogs or even rats is unacceptable.

In addition, in my essay on animal rights I would mention the main organizations which care about animal’s rights trying to protect them. I would surely mention Green Peace, Friends of Animals (FoA) and In Defense of Animals (IDA). Moreover, I would dwell on the measures taken by this and other organizations in order to defend animal rights while writing my essay.

Finally, I am convinced, that it would be great if you suggested your own ideas on how to protect animals more effectively and introduced some possible actions of protest which can draw society’s attention to this issue.

All in all, this is just one of the possible variants of writing your essay on animal rights, but I hope that you will find it useful. I wish you to get an A for your essay!