Is it possible to write and essay without linking verbs?

It is possible to write an essay without linking verbs. There are steps you can do to avoid this. If you do not want to use linking verbs, you want to get rid of them or you want to avoid using it, no worries because here are steps to do so that you write an essay without linking verbs.
Substitute: This is a good replacement to write an essay without linking verbs. For example, that bread sure is good. Substitute the “to-be” verb is with tastes. It will look like this “that bread sure tastes good”. You see you an able to write essay without the need to use to-be verbs.
Rearrange: Begin your sentence differently so that you can eliminate linking verbs.
Change another word in sentence into verb: This is an easy thing to do and you can surely do it. For example, Johnny Doe was the creator of Superman cartoon strip. You can write it as Johnny Doe created Superman cartoon strip. You only change the common noun creator into created.

Combine sentences: Check out the sentences so that you will know what sentences does have linking verbs. For example, he was sad. He was feeling that way because of news story about death of homeless man. You can combine these two sentences into one. It would like as the news story about death of homeless man saddened him.
You see it is possible to write an essay without link verbs as long as you know what you must do.

Follow the steps above and you are sure to craft a wonderful essay without linking verbs. Start to create your draft and when you are in the final draft, read it again. Mark the sentences with linking verbs and change it later. It is somewhat time consuming but if you can write directly, then there will be no problem.


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