My admission essay task is writing about a book or event that has changed my mind. Please write my admission essay!

When I write my essay on a book or an event that has changed my mind, I first think about a life changing event or a book that has made an impact in my life. To start this, I ask myself some questions such as “What event in my life has made me change my outlook in life?” “Is there a particular book that has given me a deep insight and has helped me see things in a different light?” There are so many questions that can be asked and once I have identified what book or event has changed my mindset, I can start writing.

For this essay, I have chosen to talk about my reading experience of Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. When I write my essay, I can give a brief summary of the book so that if my reader has not read the book, he or she will understand what I am talking about.

When I write my essay, I will talk about the impact that the book has made on me. In this case, I valued my teachers and the lessons I learned from them more than ever. I’m not just talking about the things I learned in the classroom but also the personal insights I have gained from my teachers. I have also learned to appreciate the effort that teachers put into making their lessons and to reach out to students.

When I write my essay, I can compare my life before my reading experience and my life after. I can compare and contrast the changes and highlight those changes in me for added depth. For example, I will talk about my experiences in life before I had the opportunity to read the book. Then I will talk about my experience after reading the book and connect it to the impact that the book has made on me.

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