My admission essay topic is the most profound or surprising intellectual experience. Please write my essay on it!

The two greatest gifts bestowed on humankind are intellect and freewill. When I write my essay on the most profound or surprising intellectual experience, I will take both into account.

I will think about any encounter whether it is a reading, a person, an event or anything at all that has moved me for some special reason. It could be about its content or context. But most importantly, one that pushed me to do something and make a change.

When asked to write my essay on the most profound or surprising intellectual experience, I think about a lot of things that has touched me. Every single day, we encounter some interesting things and personalities that challenge us intellectually. But most are just in passing. There are a few that lingers and truly influences us that makes us want to step up and make a difference.

In this particular essay writing, I think about the story of Greg Mortenson documented in the book, “Three Cups of Tea.” He is a regular guy who happened to land in the remote areas of Pakistan because of a climbing adventure. This uneventful trip leads him to a lifelong mission which is to promote education by building schools. He had no money and no connections but he persevered to start a foundation to promote his cause. He did not mind the threat to his life by simply traveling through the outskirts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Whether it was because of how beautiful the words were woven together or the genuineness that moved me, the story made me realize that no matter how different we are, we all need compassion. And if we have the willingness to, we can make a difference in the lives of each other.

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