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I have to interview a professional  and write an essay on the marketing plan , what kind of questions should I ask him?

Thanks for question Milana, the questions that you should ask for your marketing plan assignment will all depend on what it is that your tutor is expecting from you and what it is that you have been taught. Many courses regarding marketing have slightly different focuses regarding marketing and the development of a marketing plan. But I would guess that your tutor will be expecting you to explore the areas that they have taught you for.

For your marketing plan assignment therefore you could ask a series of questions around each of the various “P’s” to explore how they have considered each one within their marketing plan. So for promotion for instance you could ask about:

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  • Where will you advertise your products or services?
  • How often will you advertise?
  • Are there specific campaigns that will be run?
  • How much money will you spend on each advertising medium?
  • What return do you expect from each medium?
  • How will you monitor and measure the effectiveness of each medium?

With today’s age heavily reliant on the internet you may also wish to ask about their internet presence especially if it does not come up from the initial questions above, so you may wish to ask about;

  • How do you utilize social media?
  • How do you promote your brand?
  • How do you promote your website?

Whatever the focus is for your marketing plan assignment you just need to break it down into the relevant sections and ask yourself what you need to know to be able to develop each one of those sections of the plan. This will then help you to develop those questions for your marketing plan assignment.

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