Need to write my essay on homeless population

The homeless population has been increasing day by day in America. This has made them visible in every city in this country; while the 2008 economic downturn worsened the situation further. It is however unfortunate those families with children are at a higher risk of left homeless. Reasons for this are varied, but foreclosure has been the biggest contributor to this population.

Most of the homeless persons once had or owned homes in their lifetime. However in many cases, people are duped into taking upon mortgages whose rates are inflated and not commensurate with one’s income. Most of those on the street are therefore people who are well learnt and once owned homes.
Most of these populations are however either white or black. Statistics from the National Law Centre on Homelessness and Poverty confirm this position while Hispanics and Native Americans have a very low percentage. By design or fate, most of the population has a mental problem. Research has shown that the most prevalent mental conditions are schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Perhaps this explains the reason as to why they are jobless, a precursor for homelessness.
The biggest misconception has been the fact that they are dangerous. Research however shows that they are the biggest victims of criminal activities due to their vulnerability. Secondly, it is true to say most of them are only homeless temporarily, but find homes in around six month’s periods.

Homeless populations especially in America therefore fluctuate due to the fact that many of them are not permanently homeless. Secondly, they are not social deviants, neither are they criminals. They in fact are the biggest victims of criminality.

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