Need your assistance with Antigone essay prompts

Whenever you need assistance with Antigone essay prompts, it is first important to choose what prompt is perfect for you. Choosing wisely is important to create a high quality of essay. Here are things that can help you.

Think: All men make mistakes,
But a good man yields when he
Knows his course is wrong,
And repairs the evil: The only
Crime is pride.
Dedicate sufficient time in understanding the implications of the quotation. The next thing to do is to write a reasoned essay exploring its validity of assertion with the use of examples from your observation, reading as well as history in developing your position.
Another prompt for Antigone is by reading the Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles. With it, you need to construct an essay by choosing one questions: can one person stand up for injustice? Is your destiny is controlled by fate or will? Which is more essential, following the law or family? Is there a time you go against the law? In writing, you need to express your opinion and explain your beliefs. It is better when you quote lines or paraphrase scenes from Antigone in illustrating your thesis.

Not all students can able to make a good essay prompt because they are not much good in writing. The truth is that I also have a hard time in answering Antigone essay prompts because it is my first time and I do not know what should I do but with the help of a friend, I have to know what I must do. Lastly, when you chose the prompt you want; start analyzing the novel or book so that you will know what details you need to include. Do not waste your time thinking for other things instead focus on your prompt.