Need your help to write my essay on gender analysis for my sociology class

When I write my essay on gender analysis, I start by defining the term gender. Gender can be another term for sex (which refers to the male and female). Another definition of gender is the socially made characteristics of men and women while sex refers to the biological traits of a male and female.

When I write my essay, I can talk about the beginnings of the concept of gender and its etymology. I can also discuss some of the historical facts about gender. I can also talk about the main ideas that are evident when discussing the topic of gender. I can also link this to feminism because it is a related topic to gender.

When I write my essay, I can give emphasis on the discussion of masculinity and femininity because these are two key concepts when talking about gender and gender analysis. From there, I can branch out into talking about homosexuality which is also an important idea in gender analysis.

When I write my essay, I can discuss the issues which concern gender. On of the most popular issues facing gender is gender discrimination. Despite the changing times, it is still evident that people still think that women are the weaker sex. A deeper analysis of this issue is the rape culture that surrounds the society. Feminist groups and activists are rallying for proper education against rape culture. They are telling young people that it is not the fault of the girl if she is a rape victim. There are people who are now trying to educate young men so to change the views of rape in the society. There is also the issue of discrimination against the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) movement. Those who consider themselves as LGBT are often ostracized by society. They are given less opportunities as compared to heterosexuals.

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