Nursing code of ethics.

When you want to write an essay on Nursing code of ethics, you need to keep in mind what type of work the nurses perform.

Nursing ethics code essay writing!
Nursing is a health care profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life from conception to death. Nurses work in a large variety of specialties where they work independently and or as a part of a team to assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. Study of Nursing is Nursing Science, it is a field of knowledge based on the contributions of nursing scientist through peer reviewed scholarly journals and evidenced-based practices.
Nurses deal with people during some of the most vulnerable times in their lives. It is therefore critical that there be a clear description of the duties and obligations that are an integral part of being a nurse. Therefore a high standard of ethics and personal responsibility is to be maintained by them.
The Code of Ethics for Nurses was developed as a guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care and the ethical obligations of the profession. When we talk about the code of ethics, there are few principles they are required to follow :
1. They need to respect the custom, values, and spiritual beliefs held by individuals.
2. They are required to respect individuals decisions.
3. They are required to keep others personal information as confidential.
Guidelines for a REGISTERED Nurses :
1. They need to consider the individuality and totality of patients when they administer
2. They are required to respect the spiritual beliefs and practices of patients regarding diet and treatment.
3. They need to keep into consideration the culture and values of patients in providing nursing care.

Internationally, there is a serious shortage of nurses. One reason for this shortage is due to the work environment in which nurses practice. They are also held legally responsible and accountable for their practice.

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