Argumentative Essay on Obesity

Obesity is a hot topic right now and chances are you will be asked to write an argumentative essay on obesity at some point in one of your courses. You may think that you will easily be able to accomplish this task but you will have to delve deeply into the issue in order to arrive at a suitable title and one for which you can have strong arguments and evidence. You may decide that you want to write an argumentative essay on childhood obesity and realize that this issue is much larger in scope than you expected. The same is true of an argumentative essay on fast food. So what do you do?

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For an argumentative essay, fast food is a topic that has many different facets. Here are just a few examples of how you can make this topic a bit more manageable for a fast food argumentative essay:

  • Fast food contributes to childhood obesity
  • Healthy fast food choices
  • MacDonalds is adding to the obesity problem
  • Are parents to blame for obese children?

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