Argumentative Research Essay

How does one approach writing an argumentative research essay? The first thing is that you have to conduct research so that you become an expert on the topic of your paper. You may even think of this assignment in terms of writing an argumentative synthesis essay or an argumentative analysis essay because you not only have to gather information though your research. You have to synthesize and analyze the information regardless of the argumentative analysis essay topics. And, you have to do all this within the confines of a 5-paragraph argumentative essay.

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Research Essay

Start off your argumentative research essay with a very strong introduction. This paragraph sets the stage for the rest of the essay and it is where you have to grab the reader’s attention. You must let the reader know what side of the argument you are taking and what you plan to prove through the research you quote in your writing:

  • Show that you have knowledge of the latest findings about the topic of your 5-paragraph argumentative essay. This includes statistics and court rulings if they apply.
  • Show that you are aware of both sides of the topic. You should have the evidence that refutes the evidence of the opposite arguments.
  • In the concluding paragraph restate the thesis statement. Do not repeat it exactly – it should be rewritten but sum up what you have written in the essay.
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Analysis and Synthesis in an Argumentative Research Essay

The whole point of writing an argumentative research essay is to delve into the research to expertly come to conclusions on the argument. You will need a large block of time to simply do the research and then you have to analyze and synthesize it to select the strongest evidence for the essay. Let  do the work for you. We have expert researchers and writers who have the skills needed to write an argumentative analysis essay on any topic. You won’t have to spend your time in the library or searching the Internet. We have access to online libraries and know the scholarly journals to seek out.

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