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Composing such a text can be hard, especially if you have been tasked with taking aside for an argument that you don’t actually agree on. However, this is a great way to learn how to accept other people’s points of view and to learn to respect that not everyone will always agree with your own beliefs.

The great academic text is one in which you seek to persuade the reader to accept your point of view and could cover a host of possible subjects.

Possible subjects for writing a persuasive essay:

  • School pupils should be banned from carrying cell phones during school
  • Schools should be single-sex establishments
  • There should be more Physical Education at school
  • Sex education should be left to parents, not to the state
  • Legalizing drugs would reduce crime
  • “Three strikes” policy makes crime worse
  • American troops should be withdrawn from overseas

As you can see, with each suggested title you are taking a specific stand on a subject. The aim of your persuasive essay writing is then to persuade the reader that your stand is the correct one.

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Your introduction should give some basic background on the subject about which your texts are written. So if we were going to write an article suggesting that all troops should be withdrawn from overseas we would give the basic facts about how many troops are stationed overseas and for how long.

We also introduce our argument within the introduction and tell the reader what we are going to discuss.

The discussion section or main body is where we introduce the supporting arguments. Here we would have individual paragraphs to support each set of facts such as how much it costs to keep troops overseas, how many troops die, how terrorism is actually worse and so forth. You should aim for 4 or 5 supporting arguments.

The conclusion then will relate your main body to your overall argument to “prove” that it is correct. You can also make any other personal observations that you feel are necessary and make any recommendations.

Such a letter, also known as an academic paper with arguments, uses logic and reason to show that one idea is more legitimate than another. He is trying to convince the reader to take a certain point of view or take a specific action. An argument should always use sound arguments and strong evidence, setting forth facts, giving logical reasons, using examples and quoting experts.

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