Please, help me to write my essay on cultural exchange

You might be wondering how am I going to write my essay on cultural exchange? What the heck is cultural exchange even.

First thing to understand in writing my essay on cultural exchange is to know what it means. Cultural exchange is an exchange of people (students, artists, athletes, etc.) between two countries to promote a mutual understanding between them.

Okay, now what? I know what it means now let’s write my essay!

Alright then, it helps to ask questions about cultural exchange. Are there specific kinds of cultural exchange? Can anyone just join? How does it work? Do these people just greet each other? What kind of activities do they engage in? How do they go about it? How does cultural exchange help countries understand one another? I list down questions that I want to answer while I write my essay. This in turn helps me give direction to my essay and keeps me from getting stuck or lost while writing. It also gives me an idea on what information I want to look up when I do my research. That way, I won’t be overwhelmed with all the data I will find.

Once I have my research and questions ready, I come up with an outline of my essay. I arrange my questions in a logical manner so my readers will make sense of what I have written. Also, it helps me in keeping myself on track while writing.

Questions down? Research in hand? Outline ready? Good! Let’s go and write that essay!

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