Please help me to write my essay on teaching profession

If I were to write my essay on the teaching profession, I would start by indicating how important education is. And I will emphasize on a teacher’s role in molding a child’s future. Although they may be underpaid, teachers put dedication in their work. In fact, teaching is not just a job. It is a lifestyle. When someone decides he wants to be a teacher, he would accept everything that comes with it. And everything includes being overworked and underpaid, giving more of oneself to work, never ending sacrifices, patience, undying commitment, pride, etc. No one should dive into this profession unless they are willing to have their entire lives taken over by it. That is how difficult it is to be a teacher. It is undoubtedly rewarding but with it comes many sacrifices to be made.

To give structure to my essay, I will outline the points that I would like to emphasize. I will start with the financial implications of the profession. To put weight in making this point, I will do a bit of research on how much an average teacher’s salary amounts to. I will categorize teachers according to their level of teaching and whether they work in a private or public institution. The data I gather will surely prove my point.

Another point of emphasis is the long hours they spent from drafting a syllabus, preparing for lecture, checking papers, handling student concerns, etc. A day in the life of a teacher will provide a graphic detail about how committed people are in this profession. Perhaps, it will not hurt if I can research about a study or a survey to support my point. By this time, I can emphasize that teachers give so much but get so little.

Finally, I would like to delve on the influences of teachers to young minds. I can probably cite significant people in the industry who had a great teacher behind their success.