Please help me to write my review essay. I need some good movies to write my essay on

A review essay can become a tricky task. The very first thing that I will think about is what my professor would like to read about. After all, I would not want my reader to think I have bad taste in movies or that my choice is superficial. While there is nothing wrong with attempting to make a good impression, it usually takes the focus away from the real task ahead. On one hand, knowing what will please my reader can get me far. But if I choose something he knows too much about, it can also work against me if I don’t get my facts straight or if his opinion about the movie doesn’t match mine.

So when I write my review essay about a movie, I would choose one that is close to my heart. Technicality is important but I would prefer to write something that I completely know. In this way, I can write well about it.

Unlike any other essay, a review would require objectivity. First, I will need to come up with a summary of the movie plot. It is important that the summary is written well. My reader should be able to understand what the entire movie is all about just by reading this first part.

To give structure to my review essay, I will outline discussion points. I can talk about a character, a scene or any movie element that I found striking. My opinion about these elements counts. But I will make an effort to relate it to something more