Please, help me with animal farm essay prompts

In answering the animal farm essay prompts, you need to stay on the topic and address the question fully. You need to analyze what it is all about so that you can satisfy your readers. You should highlight new idea or perspective that can be supported through examples.
Writing Animal Farm Essay Prompts
When I was answering one of the animal farm essay prompts, I had a hard time because I am not focus and do not know what should I do. In order to present the best prompt, it is better when you first organize your thoughts. It is essential to create an outline to have a guide getting started.
A symbol is an action, event or object representing something and creates wide variety of associations. In literary works, symbols express ideas, enlarge literal meaning and clarify meaning. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, choose one symbol and begin writing an essay how that symbol was used and what its functions. Provide details what it does reveal about themes or about the characters? Does the symbol function or change? You should not merely summarize the plot but you need to write information that is needed.
Another prompt to answer is list several events of hypocrisy that you find in Animal Farm? You can also choose to list three characters names and give explanations about allusions inherent in every name. You can choose Moses, Squealer and Napoleon. Moses and Napoleon contains illusions to biblical and historical figure. Squealer names show strengths.
I remember the time I was asked to answer animal farm essay prompts and I really struggled but when I understand the story and choose wisely on the prompts provided, my task becomes easier. What I only need to do is to answer it straight to the point and provide explanations.