Please, help me with brave new world essay prompts

You are not the only person asking a help with brave new world essay prompts. I remember the day when I was asking the same question and I was lucky to get a help. To help you, here are some of the prompts to choose from.
Bernard was criticized by director because he was not acting well. Discuss why and how World State infantilizes its citizens?
In this prompt, you can answer by providing details how World State infantilizes citizens. If you read the book, it says that it allow its citizens instant gratification as well as denying their responsibility. It assigns each citizen a particular social function and encourages them in using soma as well as to look for instant sexual gratification.
That is one of the several prompts to choose from. You can also choose to “discuss the relation of sexes in World State. How do women and men interact? What power holds the social institutions, in government and in workplace?”
In sexual relations, women and men have the right to initiate contact freely. Lenina spend much time with John as much as possible. Also, the people in propaganda, in government and hatchery are all males.
You might also want to “discuss parallels between Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Brave New World. There are numerous critics in The Tempest novel and you can discuss it in connection with Brave New World.
In writing the prompt, you need to be ready and make an outline. You need to understand the book so that you can address what the prompt is asking. It is better when you read the novel numerous times to ensure you completely understand it. After that, you can already start choosing the Brave New World essay prompts and answer it.