Please, help me with my Romeo and Juliet essay prompts

Asking a help on Romeo and Juliet essay prompts is easy to answer when you understand the story. You have a hard time when you don’t that is why it is advisable to read the story completely to know the best answer.
What is the effect of accelerated time scheme that have on play’s development? It is possible that a love story take place quickly? Because of the high intensity of relationship of Romeo and Juliet as well complex development of the events, the story will be longer that it actually occupies. By compressing the story, Shakespeare adds weight in each of the moment and provides a sense of good action.
Compare and contrast Romeo and Juliet. How they develop throughout the story? What makes both of them fall in love with each other? Romeo is an extreme, excitable, moody, intelligent and passionate young man. He is admired and well-liked by Verona. Romeo is loyal to his friends but sometimes he is unpredictable. Juliet, on the other hand is a child at the beginning of the story and an innocent girl. She was startled by power of love for Romeo. Because of her love for Romeo, Juliet develops quickly into a capable, loyal, mature and determined woman. The attraction of both of them is overwhelming and immediate. Their love for each other is undeniable wherein the audience doesn’t need to explain or question it.
Here are other things of Romeo and Juliet essay prompts you can answer. You might want to discuss the relationships of children and parents in Romeo and Juliet. How they interact with parents and how their parents feel about their children? Regardless, these are only some of the prompts you can choose with and it is in you to choose what question is suite for you.