Please, help me with Othello essay prompts

It is a fact that it is not easy to write Othello essay prompts because there are many considerations to make. It is essential to know what you need to address or what you need to answer. Choose the right prompt for you to make a good essay.

Othello Essay Prompts List

To what extent does the final speech of Othello affect the assessment? What will be the effect of Othello final anecdote about Turk?

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Final speech of Othello is not everyone wish for. His claim on “ 1 not easily jealous” is open to question and claim on “ loved not wisely but too well” is underestimate and it is an exaggeration. His final speech does not restore his nobility. The first time he opens his mouth, he demonstrate a hypnotic eloquence especially when he is speaking about exploits in battle.

What role does incoherent language play in Othello? How his language change the course of play? Pay attention to scene in Act III, scene iii as well as act IV, scene i.

At the beginning, Othello has too much confidence in his skill because he claims that he is rude in speaking and knowing that no person will believe in him. His language deteriorates into hesitant, incoherent syntax, making it fragmented. In act III, scene iii; he speaks in clipped and short exclamations like “O misery” and “ha”.

Analyze Desdemona role. To what extent she become a passive victim of the brutality of Othello?

Until the end, Desdemona is a passive victim of Othello. She is overwhelmed with Othello’s psychical strength and jealousy. Before Desdemona was murder, she show more passivity when he is not with his husband and show more assertiveness when he is around.

Explore the novel to know how you can able to answer Othello essay prompts. Do your best in answering to impress your readers.