Please, help me with the Odyssey essay prompts

Below you find Odyssey essay prompts and they can be discussed in broad. You can find much information about it on the novel but be sure that you have a thesis statement to have a basis. Using the prompts below will not give you ant troubles.
Like father, like son: Odysseus is a man who earned hero worship and glory of his people. He is the model of manhood and being admired because of his demeanor, skill and intelligence. Odysseus is taking his own journey.
Women role in odyssey: Even though women occupied different position in the society, they help a sphere of power and influence. They exerted much effort that is distinct to strategies of men. When you examine the character of Penelope, which is the wife of Odysseus, you will know how women exerted their influence and power in Odyssey.
Importance of Hospitality in Odyssey: Many might wonder why Odysseus takes 10 years returning from his home after he achieved victory in Trojan War. One of the reasons why he did not return early is that he welcomes hospitality of the people that he met along his path. You need to take note that hospitality is an essential part of honor, negotiation and social exchange in Odyssey.
Defining Odyssey as epic: Odyssey is classified an epic but readers will not identify all the elements that make to justify the categorization. It is an epic but it faced numerous criteria of genre.
At first, it is difficult to answer Odyssey essay prompts but when you completely understand the novel, you never make mistakes. You can able to answer your chosen prompt excellently. Just be focus, dedicate enough time and think of a good structure that you will use. When you are done in fixing all things you should do, start to answer the prompt now.