Please write my essay on question: should disabled veterans get preferential treatment over better qualified candidates who are not disabled veterans?

Disabled veterans are usually given preferential treatment when applying for job or other facilities. This has been the tradition ever since WWI in which an attempt was made to reward the returning war veterans. With time however, the allowances from the government dwindled, the population ballooned and the pressure on government expenditure was enormous. This encouraged a shift in policy with the government undertaking to encourage veterans to look for employment. After a war, veterans are accorded measured allowances while being supported to borrow loans and start businesses or seek formal employment.

America has been the single worlds’ super power since WWII and the fall of the Soviet Union. The might of the U.S military has been revered all over the world. The military is the best equipped in the world and also the largest. The wars fought are numerous. It is however military strength that has allowed the US economy to flourish. Many have been employed both directly and indirectly. Many Americans are war experts and have fought in the highest number of wars around the world.
It is the recognition of the sacrifice of Americans that the veterans association was established. Many sacrifice to live in harsh conditions to fight for the motherland. Many die while a few survive. This happens so that others can enjoy the status. Such must come at a price. It would be immoral for one to get injured while sacrificing for the country and yet not receive preferential treatment.

It is therefore in order that disabled veterans are accorded preferential treatment courtesy of the sacrifice. Their conditions are also not the same as those disabled persons who are not veterans. The good economic environment is owed to them. They should therefore enjoy it when they at least can.

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