Please write my idiolect essay, I have no idea what it is

You reminded me of myself when I got the the task to write my idiolect essay:) I was frightened at first, because, same as you, hadn’t a slightest idea what it was. Nevertheless, the devil is not as black as it is painted:)

Idiolect is, in fact, almost the same as dialect(the meaning of this word should be clear enough, I guess). The difference is that idiolect is used when we speak about smaller groups of people or separate individuals. In other words, the features which distinguish your language from others’ is your own idiolect.

When I wrote my idiolect essay I concentrated on my own language, it’s peculiarities and the influence it has on the process of communication. You can also try writing about someone else’s idiolect which you find odd or funny, for example.

Anyway, I advise you not to overfill your essay with your idiolect expressions to make it readable:)