Please, write my narrative essay about a lesson

When I write my essay on events that served as lessons in my life, I should begin not by writing straight away. Instead, I take the time to think about the events in my life that I find the most meaningful. I ask myself “What events have made a lot of impact in my life?”, “Are there instances in my life where I learned a lot from the experience?”, “Are there any people who I’ve met and contributed to my positive well-being?” “Is there an even in my life that changed me?” I must take the time to reflect on this. If I rush this, chances are, I will not grasp the essence of the events in my life.

Once I have identified the events that I want to talk about, I can write my essay. I should remember that I am telling my story to complete outsider. He or she does not know anything about me or the events which led to the happening that I believe served as a lesson. If there were other incidents in my life which led to this, I should discuss it in passing so my reader will know it as well.

When I write my essay, I should not go on about every little detail in that particular event. I should select the key points or the highlights of the story. It would be a waste of time and paper if I go on to discuss small matters such as the exact date of the event, what I was wearing, the transportation I rode in. While it is important to be detail-oriented, I should not overdo it. This is not just applicable for this essay but the other essays I will write in the future. It should be a note to keep in mind when I write my essay.

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