Please write on a matter of importance to you. That’s my admission essay topic. Write my essay on it.

When I write my essay on something that I think is important to me, I think and try to identify how exactly do I want to define something that is important to me. Is it a value or a trait? Is it a person? Is it a place or a particular item? I must know or try to quantify what this thing of importance is so that I will know what to write about later on.

Before I write my essay, I must also answer why I have chosen this particular thing, event or what I think is important to me. Having a clear reason as to why I find it important will help smoothen and ease the writing process. It will also make things more efficient for me. For example, one thing that is important to me is the idea of friendship. Next to my family, I place a high priority on my high school friends. This is because they are my extended family and my support system. They are there for me when I am at low points in my life and they are also there at the high points in my life. It doesn’t mean to say that my relationship with my friends is perfect and always a walk in the park. We have had our differences but our bond as friends has kept us together through thick and thin.

When I write my essay, I can also talk about how this thing of importance to me has changed my life. For me, life has never been the same since I met my friends. They have seen me at my best and at my worst yet they do not judge me for it. I would say the same for them as well. My friends are of importance to me so I treasure them and take care of them. If they were in trouble or needed help, I would try to the best of my abilities to help them overcome the situation.

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