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Often if just try to jump straight in and write your essay you will find yourself running out of inspiration or that your essay lacks cohesion. It is far better to pre-write your essay or to create a simple essay so that you know precisely what it is that you are going to write about and how your essay is going to be structured.

All essays have three main sections, the introduction, the main body and the conclusion; organizing your research and your outline around these main sections will help you write a smoother and more concise essay that holds together well.

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Creating an Essay Outline

Your introduction should introduce basic facts about the subject of your essay, so if you are creating an outline for your essay; under the introduction you should record a series of bullet points that explain the basics of your subject. So if your essay was about the Napoleonic wars you would note what they were, which countries were involved, what dates they covered and any obvious main participants such as Napoleon and Wellington.

If your essay seeks to prove a hypothesis or argue a point you should also introduce this within this section.

Your main body is where you discuss the various aspects of the subject; this is the part of the essay where you discuss the main part of your essay in some detail. To pre-write or outline your essay you need to find yourself between 4 and 6 main categories that you are going to discuss. So for an essay about the Napoleonic wars you may decide to cover; the causes of the Napoleonic wars, Napoleon’s strategy, Wellington’s strategy, the battle of Waterloo. You would then use your research to put several bullet points under each heading. These bullet points will then be your guidance when writing those paragraphs. Not only does this help you to write your essay easier but it also allows you to do your research in a more focused manner.

Pre-writing your conclusion is fairly simple, pull out the main points from your main body that deserve a second mention when you create your summary and decide what you want to add as a personal comment if one is required.

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