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I’m writing a research paper and I was instructed to use SPSS to confirm my ideas. Does WriteMyEssay have any ideas how I can make ANOVA test?I am new ih this field

Hi Sheila, an ANOVA test or the Analysis of Variance test is a form of statistical analysis that is often used to analyze scientific data to prove or disprove relationships between different data sets. Learning how to do an ANOVA test is not easy if you are not very mathematically minded and actually doing it by hand can be quite a task. Thankfully there are computer programs such as SPSS that can perform this analysis for us as has been suggested by your tutor.

Data sets can be anything from sales figures from different regions or sales people to test results for different groups on different days. The reason for the test is to highlight if there are statistically significant differences between the data sets; this would allow you to identify with confidence if certain sales people performed significantly better or worse than others or if a particular set of students fared better or worse on a test. We expect to see variation between the data but the ANOVA test will tell us if the difference is statistically significant or not. But like any form of software you have to know how to use it to get the right results; the old adage of “garbage in, garbage out” is very apt when using complicated software such as this.

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Advantages of using SPSS  to perform ANOVA Test

With using SPSS you have to have a firm understanding of the specific type of analysis that you wish to perform such as a “one way ANOVA test” or a “T-test.” Without a real grasp of the principles of how to do an ANOVA test it would be really difficult to use the software and choose the correct parameters at each stage.

For a “simple” one way ANOVA test within SPSS there are over 20 different selections that you need to make and understand if you are going to get meaningful results. Then of course you have to be able to interpret the output and be able to understand if the ANOVA test is highlighting any statistically significant differences between those sets of data.

Detailing out precisely how to perform your ANOVA test is far beyond the scope of this simple answer but in answer to your request for help;  our essay writing service employs experts in every academic field and we have mathematical and science tutors that work for us that have a clear understanding of the tests that you require. They will be able to ensure that the right statistical analysis is conducted on your data and will be able to provide you with a full analysis of the results of your ANOVA test; explaining them in terms that anyone can understand. So for a simple solution to your ANOVA test get in touch with our experts today.

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