Really Great Example of College Essay

example of college essaySometimes – okay, all the time – writing a college essay is just no fun at all. You’ve got a deadline looming, the minutes are ticking by, and you just can’t get your head into the game at all. You’re not struggling to finish the essay – you’re struggling to start it! The words just won’t come to you and every time you try to start your essay, your thoughts wander. You look out of the window and think, ‘gee, wouldn’t I rather be outside right now, going for a drive?’ All you can think of is being in a better place than your desk trying to write a college essay.

This is where an example of college essay can be really useful. An example of college essay can act as your blueprint. If you’re struggling to conceive an essay, looking at a sample college application essay can be all the inspiration you’ve been needing. It will show you how to structure an essay, how to sell yourself, how to make it engaging, the kind of stand-out words you should be using, as well as how to make a college essay coherent and flowing. It will basically show you how it needs to be done.

Okay, so we’re not telling you to copy a college application essay example pretty much word for word. And no, replacing their name for yours won’t cut it either. Instead, you can check out online a great example of college essay and look closely at the structure. How does it begin? What is the body of the essay like? How does the essay end? You will notice that the essay is structured like this:

  • Introduction
  • Body of the essay
  • Conclusion

Think of it like a film. It has a beginning that sets the tone, a middle that hands out all the key information, and an ending that leaves the audience satisfied that everything has been said.

So a great sample college application essay will help you understand structure. It will help you understand a number of key points, too. For example, more than anything, it will help you understand that you need to cut rambling out. No rambling. A great example of college essay will keep out all the fluff. It’ll be concise and to the point. It will say no more than is needed. As the great American writer Kurt Vonnegut once said, ‘have the guts to cut.’ You will notice from a college application essay example that it’s as simple as it can be. No big words. Think of your favourite action movie – they contain no fluff, and neither should your essay!

Reading through a sample college application essay will also teach you that you need to sound like yourself. It’s important that you don’t sound loftier than you actually are because that won’t impress anybody. It’s also important that you don’t sound like the college application essay example either. Instead, you need to be yourself. Use the example of college essay as your blueprint, but adjust it to fit you and your style. If you’re struggling to make a start, the example will be your guide. If you continue to struggle, keep referring back to the example!

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