Research Article Critique

I would surmise you have an assignment to critique a research article. I have done quite a number of critiques on research articles done by friends and colleagues and I write my essay following this tried and tested steps. This guide has been shared by my high school teacher of not too long ago shared.

1. Read the article the first time without thinking of any edits you need to make. Simply read the article and determine if it makes sense and is consistent. Read the article again, this time taking note of your impressions.
2. Evaluate the introduction of the article. Does it establish the thesis of the article in a clear and persuasive manner? If it does not, make a note on how the author can improve the clearness of the article. If it does, make a commendation.
3. Evaluate the body of the paper and note what the author has written to support her thesis. Determine whether the author has shown evidence to prove each of the reasons relating to her thesis. Note too, whether the evidence is strong or weak.
4. Evaluate the conclusion by determining if it is a convincing summary of the entire article.
5. Correct the grammar, spelling and typo errors. You may not correct the grammar if you are not confident of your grammar.
6. Check whether the paper uses a consistent citation style. Make sure that each direct quotation has a corresponding citation.
7. Summarize all your observations and impressions in a paragraph or two. I write my essay for me critique by stating my observations and impressions point by point and defending them accordingly.
8. Harp on whether you were convinced by her thesis and reasoning.

I have used the above steps to do my essay whenever I need to critique a research article written either by an expert author or even a friend. The steps have been useful to me. I hope will be helpful to you, too.