Sample Outline on the Role of Syncretism in Religious in Hinduism

Thesis statement: This paper examines the role syncretism has played in the development of Hinduism and how Hinduism traditions are important in understanding religion in Asia

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 Role of syncretism in religious in Hinduism

Religious syncretism is a term referring to the fusion of two or more contradictory religious beliefs. Religious syncretism plays a significant role in the religious beliefs and traditions of Hinduism. The new, heterogeneous religion then takes a shape of its own. Examples of syncretism in Hinduism include; buddhistic saints (buddhas) who became deities in Hinduism, Yoga Vasistha which is an absorption of different traditions and religions.

Hinduism traditions and how they are important in understanding religion in Asia

Hinduism is one of the most prime and indigenous religion of the Hindus. Yagna can take various forms with the simplest being the lighting of a sacred fire, after which offerings are poured to the sacred fire. The fundament belief of Hinduism is that the religion believes in the value of sacrifice and the aspect of merit, which are attained after the undertaking of charity works in order to reduce suffering during the afterlife. Braham is one of the Hindu beliefs based on the principle source of the universe. Life based on Karma Law.


Religious syncretism often takes place when foreign beliefs are introduced to an indigenous belief system and the teachings are blended. Role syncretism has played significant role in the development of Hinduism. Additionally, the clear traditions in Hinduism are useful for understanding religion in Asia.

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