Sample Paper on Application of Planning Concepts to Your Personal Aspirations

As a journalist major, I aspire to hold a marketing management post with a top-notch advertising agent. This will be viable through my academic achievements and establishing contacts. In order for me to rise in my career to achieve life goals I will set clear standards and strategies on how to perform my work duties. Continually, I will monitor and record any deviance in my career that could jeopardize the objectives I have set out to achieve (Bennis, 2008). I believe with continuous improvement, passion and focus I will be able to hold my post as a marketing manager in an advertising agency.
I will not be a mere manager but I will embrace convectional leadership styles in my management. In that case I will be the vision bearer of the marketing team to offer progressive guideline on how the department should operate. The key focal areas I will concentrate on in my career include, proper planning, organizing, leading and controlling to make sure that the established vision is attained. In order for the goals and the objectives of the marketing department to be met I will formulate strategies and the complementary polices to make sure that the whole department works in tandem with the established goals and direction.
As the general overseer of the marketing department I will design proper structures and make the conditions viable so that all the employees and the available resources will be utilized to achieve the organizational goals (Gupton, 2006). Moreover, I will train, guide, motivate and coach my supporting staff to make sure that they play a proactive role towards the attainment of the stipulated organizational goals. In order to remain focused and achieve the ultimate goal for the marketing department I will continually find out whether what occurs meet the organizational goals.


Bennis, W., & Thomas, R.(2008). Geeks and Geezers: How Era, Values, and Defining Moments Shape Leaders. Harvard Business School Press.
Gupton, Sandra. (2006) The Instructional Leadership Toolbox: A Handbook for Improving Practice. Corwin Press.

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