Sample Paper on Making a Story

An Incident on the Parking Lot

“Oh, my God, what a sultry night”, thought the young guy, when approaching his car parked in the parking lot. This day, which, in fact, was already finished, turned out to be saturated with new impressions, troubles, and arrangements that seemed to become an integral part of her new life.

Steve MacConahy was a first-year college student. Being a college student heralded a new stage in Jane’s life, and this stage was associated with independence, so sweet and long-awaited. Unfortunately, this cherished independence was accompanied with the new responsibilities, which undoubtedly was a reverse side of living on one’s own. The guy’s thoughts were devoted to analyzing the events of this day: the quarrel with her roommate, who obviously also felt the intoxication of freedom and could not imagine a single day without parting, old professor of history, who turned out to be so shroud to guess about his strained relationships with his subject and who was killing him with the new perfidious assignments and low grades,  the conversation with her mother, who was unsatisfied with the son’s academic performance, and many other trifles that in one way  or another was spoiling his life.

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“Meeting with David – this is what is going to distract me from my gloomy thoughts”, thought Steve, when walking slowly towards his vehicle. “So little time – so much to do… and there is no chance that this turmoil and fuss will ever end”, sighed the young student. Undoubtedly, David, childhood best friend made a wise decision, when made up his mind to live with his parents, while being a freshman. Nonetheless, showing a bold front was not characteristic of MacConahy, a fighter by nature, a real example of single-mindedness.

“Still, maybe a good rest would be better and more useful for me”, thought Steve, “it is eleven p.m., and tomorrow the lectures start early in the morning”. The girl felt a little bit sleepy. Sweet fatigue enshrouded her body. Steve made a deep breath, and this thick air of the night was intoxicating and calming. Suddenly, a loud noise attracted his attention and made his thoughts move in a different direction. A huge shadow detached itself from the tree. The light of the street lamps could not reach it and it was almost impossible to discern the owner of this shadow. It seemed, nonetheless, that a big gorilla jumped from the palm and disappeared from view.

Everything began to swim before Steve’s eyes. Petrified with terror and almost animal fear, the boy felt his way towards the car. She crawled in and locked the door as if it was a gateway. His sticky hand turned white because of pressing the key to his car, goosebumps running down her skin. The crazy thoughts circled in young guy’s head: “What was that? A crazy gorilla, or another animal that escaped from the zoo?” He tried to start the engine but his trembling hands let him down. Steve caught himself thinking that maybe that awful creature followed him and was hiding, waiting for a suitable moment to attack. Still, terror gave way to common sense, and the student started the car.

What was that? A hellish creature or just a delusion? Or, maybe, his fatigue and stress transformed into the ugly creature, which was nothing but a figment of consciousness? Nobody can tell for sure. But, in fairness, it should be noted that Steve’s friend David supported the last version.


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