Sample paper on Marketing Profile of Coke-Zero


As a branded product from Coca Cola Company, this paper aims at identifying and describing the general marketing profile of Coca-Cola Zero as used by the company.

marketing profile sample

Target Market

As a low calorie alternative to the original Coke, Coke Zero targets males who are conscious of their health between the age of 18 and 34, which the company’s research and development team found to be unexploited (Carroll 32).

Market segmentation used

In order to market Coke-Zero, the Coca-Cola Company uses two distinct market segmentations. As such, the company uses demographic market segmentation where it identifies men between the age of 18 and 34 years as the target market.

Another market segmentation used by the company is psychographics or lifestyle market segmentation. The company has identified the target market based on interests and activities in this category. As such, there are those who are conscious of their health and the company saw them as the ideal market.

Total product offer of Coke-Zero

In order to determine the total product offer of Coke Zero, it is necessary to access each element of the concept at a time.

Core benefits of the product

The core benefits are offered by the contents of the brand itself.  The usage of the product presents two core benefits. Foremost, the product contains caffeine, which increases the user’s alertness. Another benefit that the product offers is zero calories. As such, the product is sugar free and has no traces of calories thus helping avoid health complications such as obesity (Carroll 36).

Actual Product

The core benefits of the product are surfaced by the components of the product making up the actual product. As such, the actual product is the consumable content contained therein the package.

Augmented Product

On the product’s package, there has been a website link indicated where a user can get information on the health benefits of Coke Zero.

Coke Zero’s pricing strategies used

In order to stimulate early purchase, the Coca-Cola Company uses promotional pricing strategy for Coke-Zero. More precisely, Coke-Zero is marketed using Loss-Leader pricing where the [product’s price is regularly dropped in order to stimulate more sales.

Distribution channels of Coke Zero

A distribution channel is a marketing concept used to define a set of independent organizations that ensure that a product or service is available consumption by the consumer. In order to deliver Coke-Zero to the target market, Coca Cola Company uses both direct and indirect distribution channels (Carroll 37). Directly, the company utilizes two forms of channels. First is whereby the Company uses the wholesaler to pass the product to the retailer who ultimately reaches the target market. The second indirect method is where the coca-cola company also delivers the product to the market through the retailer who links it up with the consumer.

Directly, the company also uses a direct method where it delivers the product directly to the target market. However, this distribution channel is used rarely (Carroll 38).

Coke-Zero’s promotion mix strategy

In order to communicate directly with the coke Zero’s target audience, the Coca Cola Company uses the traditional promotional mix. As such, it uses advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing.

Further Observations

Besides using the aforementioned promotional mix strategies, corporate image as its sixth promotional tool. As such, the positive and strong image of Coca Cola Company has been a crucial point in marketing the Company’s brand.

Work Cited

 Carroll, William. “Coke Zero Marketing Strategy” American Journal of Marketing Review, 2.6 (2011): 32-38. Print.

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