Sample Personal Statement

According to American educator and author Booker T. Washington, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” By this measure, I am already a success, but I still aspire to become a business leader and to apply my undergraduate and graduate degrees in the business world.
I am a first generation college student of African American descent and am one of three who graduated high school and attended a four-year university after graduation. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an overall GPA of 4.37, and have studied abroad for two summers; one in South Africa, and the other in West Africa.
Raised in a small rural town with a population of 856, I may have had fewer opportunities available to me there than in other places, but it was a great place to learn about values, such as hard work, determination, ethical practices and kindness to others. These are all traits that will serve me well in the quest for higher education and then later out in the business world.
The work position that set me upon the path to seeking an MBA was working as a Intern in the office of ABC. I was pleased to land this spot because I have been able to see how various departments work together toward the University’s overall mission. I learned how different departments work together, was exposed to situations whose lessons will propel me forward, as well as helping me garner valuable business experience. I worked to make sure necessary policies and procedures were in place to comply with the University system, state and federal regulations. I also learned about high-risk areas of which to be mindful, functions involved in compliance activities, and the University’s task for fulfillment. I want to continue on this path and a business program is the way to go.
My volunteer experiences have taught me about humanity. I coordinated volunteer activities for orphanages and schools in Ghana, West Africa, both locally and internationally, through the Center for International Studies and Research at the University. I have affiliation with several groups on campus, namely the International Honor Society in Psychology, where I serve as treasurer, as well as two other groups. I’ve also participated in the University Cross-Country & Track in the fall seasons of 2009-2011.
Other accolades include recognition for my excellent studies when I earned a place on the University Honor Roll List, as well as being the recipient of two scholarships each in 2011 and 2013.
The experiences I speak of above show the world that I am a hardworking individual and have fueled my passion to enter the business world. It is with an eye toward the academic challenge ahead that I seek admission to your business program. I desire to develop into a true business leader armed with the skills to inspire change and make a difference in the world. I fully understand this career will require dedication, perseverance, and a passion to obtain a world view of the business industry and society. Hence, my journey will lead me to fulfill my purpose as a productive and ethical business professional. I am hopeful that you will grant me admission to your school.