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short essays on global warming

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Talking about global warming in general is a complicated topic to discuss, and what more could be more complicated if you would be asked to write a short essays on global warming? If you don’t know how to write a short essay on this topic, go on reading. Global warming is a serious threat to humankind. It might mean the destruction of every living thing on earth because none would survive with too much heat and there would be too many fires that might happen. See the following for an example of an essay on global warming. You can use it for extra inspiration when writing a small essay.

Sample of Short Essay Global Warming

For years, global warming has been a major world problem and a major battle for humankind in a race to save to environment and the earth. It is caused by greenhouse effect, a condition, wherein the heat of the earth is being trapped, resulting to an increased heat from normal levels.

Water contamination, climate change, ice melt over the Antarctic and Arctic regions and devastation of the ecosystem are only a few of the negative effects of global warming, not mentioning its effects over the agricultural sectors.

Major damages have been done by global warming.

As the saying goes that there is no other place like home, and this earth is our home. Therefore, we have to take significant steps in taking care of it.

Every day, policies have been made. But the question remains the same, “Are they effective, or are they implemented properly? Sadly, the answer is NO. While there are policies made, the effects of global warming are felt each day, continuing to ravage the earth.

The issue of global warming is very wide in scope, making many of us think that we can’t do anything against it. Sometimes, it would even make people think that only the wealthy in the seats of the government can save themselves from the tortures of global warming. But this mentality is wrong. No matter who you are, you can do something to save the earth if you would consider global warming as a problem.

Global warming is a major problem for everyone on the planet, and everyone therefore has to participate without splitting and forming factions on the issue.

Use this sample when making short essays on global warming.

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