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Julius Caesar Essay Prompts: Discuss attention paid or not paid to nightmares, omens as well as other supernatural events. What are various responses to it showing struggle between free will and fate in Julius?

Characters in Julius Caesar neglect plays various omens such as dead men walking, nightmares like Calpurnia’s vision and supernatural events like Brutus visitation by Ghost. Julius believes that Calpurina misinterpret his dream
Think about Julius as mortal man, as opposed to Julius as public figure. How he continue in wielding his power after he is dead? Does conspirators successful in their goals by killing him?
Conspirators manage to kill Julius, who is an infirm man, aging, probably epileptic and deaf in 1 ear. It maybe because of his delusions of immortality that allow conspirators to get him off guard that leads to his death. Julius faith remains to be valid and conspirators failed to destroy the public image of him. The death of Julius doesn’t diminish his influence in the minds of people who loved him a lot.
Another prompt to consider is this prompt “though Julius focused on struggles between men, what role do common people and plebeians play? Also, you can answer the question on who is the protagonist in the play. Is it Julius who dies but his name and power continue? Or Brutus who is a noble man who fall because of his flaws?
To start answering Julius Caesar essay prompts, you need to exert effort in reading the whole story. If you do not understand, read it again to answer the provided prompts.