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What Write My Essay Service Knows about the History of Architecture

How to write my essay on ArchitectureDesign elements are one way of getting attention of humans. Anything that seems good to eyes immediately grasps the interest of the on looker. For this purpose designers make things seem more colorful, make them stand out from the others. There are various styles of design elements such as psychedelic, punk etc which cater its very own niche market. Write My Essay experts are sure everybody knows that architecture is the way buildings are designed and made to look good. This glamour to the building is given either by very different structure design or by giving it various colors. This field came into existence from the day humans learned to shelter themselves. Architecture now is treated as a different field of study of civil engineering and universities offer proper degrees in this respect. This essay on architecture would help us to overview various styles of design used by architects over time. We will see how different building materials have helped architects build differently.

Write My Essay Describes the Development of Architecture

Architecture includes the planning, controlling and completing the building. The architects initially design every detail of the building on paper. Write My Essay experts point out that this serves as a building blue print which is created before the actual laying of foundations. With the advancement of technology, there are number of different styles which are being used now in architecture to design buildings. For example, there are a lot of novel wonder materials that have enabled architects to reach new heights with their designs. In old times when buildings were made out of stone and rock, the height was only limited to one or two stories.

Write My Essay Defines Eras of Architecture

Write My Essay Service emphasizes architecture has seen various era’s of design. There was ancient era when primitiveWrite my essay on Architecture methods of building and design were used. Then there was roman architecture where buildings were loaded with wood work and arch shapes. Wood enabled the architects of those days to give the building the shape they wanted as it could be crafted. Then there was Islamic architecture where buildings started to have doom shapes. We should remember that every era had its architecture inspired by religion as well.

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